WEST - sacred rocks

I will stand here for humankind. I carry the history, music and words of the everlasting great circle of life. In my sweatlodge I will pour life-giving, life-sustaining water onto the grandfathers and spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life will regenerate through the mist of endless time.

Balanced emotions will be sought through the braiding and scent of the sweet grass.

Women sit in the West.

The stones in the West position represent

This is the pathway to the West side of the Medicine Wheel on the left of the wild rose.

Coming in you find the stone fireplace, and beyond that the Medicine wheel.

On the opposite side of the Medicine Wheel is a little pond.

To the left of that is the line of red stones
representing the good red road going North to South.

The west view of the Medicine Wheel.

The willow branches represent a plank bridge
between the spirit world and the now world.

Red stones representing the good red road of the living.
The path may be uneven and change,
the only constant in life is change, so get used to it and hang in there.

Three more stones across the garden
continue the good red road out of the Medicine circle.

© bitterroot 2004