December 31, 2004
Outgoing Buzzwords

By the start of 2004 workers in the business sector had years of experience being able to verbalize life-changing events with words such as "addressing issues" and "examining options" so that comfortable suburbanites were able to discuss emotionally charged scenarios while barely feeling anything during the process.

However the intellectual and emotional numbness had a bit of backwash into the business sector. At the end of 2004 one can attempt to impart information to a worker in the business sector. When the response at the end of any sentence, or even at the end of a phrase, is "no problem" no matter what one has said, one realizes that if there was a problem the person on the other end of the conversation is not aware of it. One can only hope that the 0's and 1's in the computers link up in the proper sequence.

As the year ends, the outgoing buzzword is
"No Problem."

comments and buzzwords submitted:

"I'll have to get out my rasta tee shirt. No problem, mon."

"Ah gotta get out da dreads mon. It no problem. Iree."

"I'll survive."

"What's on the agenda for tonight?"

"Hi beautiful, I love you."

"Got so excited, then I got bored...."

"There's only so much daylight today. Let's get that done now."

"you just gotta count to 3, and then let er buck..."

"for sure"

"...and what not."


"take them as they come"

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