The Chief's Walk
Page Two

it was the day of the new moon in may, and the air was full of the feelings of new possibilities..........the water began to swirl

two swirls joined together as if the water and sunlight were dancing

the columns of water reaching upward began to make patterns in the mist and sunlight. the chief knew that god, the great spirit, was talking to him

the chief knew that god, the great spirit, could do anything, but still this seemed amazing. the next thing that happened was that one of the columns of water turned green-blue.

then the other column turned lavender

one moment there was no sign.......

then there was a sign. it was shaped like a highway sign. it appeared only for a few moments.

the chief was motionless trying to interpret the markings on the sign. there was another circle on the water with a light coming down like a spotlight on a stage.

the chief knew in that moment that god is very close and listening and cares about the little indian tribe that is finding its way out of virtual reality. to be continued.......

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