The Chief's Walk
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a small group of indians, descendants of the nez perces, had lived as a tribe within virtual reality for such a very long time that it seemed to them that any other existence was just a forgotten story. "we're doing ok here" the people agreed, but their chief knew in his heart that there was something more if he could just find the way..... some of the younger ones would make fun of the chief, and he took it all in stride. a good leader he was, and he kept his tribe happy with their circumstance while still keeping hope for something more.

one night the chief had a vision, which gets tricky when one lives in virtual reality because visions are everywhere. but he felt in his heart that this one had meaning and could help him find a way for his people to walk out of virtual reality and back on to the true earth and into nature's ways.

the chief had received many visions in his lifetime, and usually he remained calm and collected.....but this time was different. the speaker of the vision appeared in the form of a midget cow, and for some unknown reason the spectacle nearly caused the chief to have a meltdown. the chief managed to keep his feet underneath him, and he heard the message from the midget cow:

"god, the great spirit, created an ark a very long time ago, and on this ark god placed a pair of every kind of animal, thereby showing how important the animals are in the scheme of all earth and the universe. go to a place where you will find a flatted lynx symbolizing the danger in the world today for all animal life forms. near there, on the day of a new moon, you will find three lotus blossoms barely peeking up through the surface of the water, ready for a new start. there you will find what you seek in hopes of making a path for your people to return to earth from virtual reality. if your people choose to walk this path, they must promise to devote their lives to eliminating danger for all animals."

the chief waited patiently....a new moon passed, then another new moon passed.... then one day he just knew he had something important to do and that he needed to walk to the west.

first he passed by a creek and gazebo where he knew a colony of blackbirds lived.

he kept walking west until the trail ended. beyond the brush in front of him was a huge dropoff, and he was wondering what to do next.

the sun was low and the vibrant gleam to his left became an image of the great ark that had carried all of the animals to safety.

he would have stood there beholding the ark for a very long time, but he knew he must turn around. there he saw the tiny creek and a little rocky trail heading to the northwest.

and there a few feet in front of him on this rocky trail, was the flatted lynx from his vision. it wasn't really a lynx but he knew it was the flatted lynx his vision had directed him toward.

the chief continued to follow the rocky trail to the northwest and soon he came upon a pond and the three lotus blossoms beginning to arise. the first two were close together....

and the third one was away from the others, alone in the water with no lily pads around it.

at that moment the water began to swirl

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