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Every once in awhile "mom" sends me a bit of wonderful advice and some of it is shared here for anyone who is interested.

march 2005:

I see many different types of birds outside. All have different colors, different songs, eat different things, build different nests and have, different patterns of migration or not migrating. I see animals with 4 legs. Wild ones, tame ones, all different colors, different instincts, some predators, some prey, different ways of communicating, different ways of living their lives, yet all 4 legged animals.

The same with trees and plants. So many varieties with different leaves, needles, size, soil needs. Even water, there are sink holes, mud holes, swamps, creeks, springs, rivers, lakes, oceans, and humidity in the air. It makes sense to me that man is also varied and different from any other man in the same way the other life force creatures are unique from their own species.

Why with so many varied kinds of plants and animals and other live creatures with differences and uniqueness, are we so adverse to accept natural differences in man. I believe we are all children of God. I believe that God accepts more than one way to honor his spirit and his creation earth. Just as the multitude of various species of creatures exist, so are there a multitude of varied ideas and opinions on what God is and how to best serve and honor him.

This all seems natural to me because we are just like the other creatures and are made with differences. We are not all the same. Why would the various life cycles of the wildlife flora and fauna be acceptable to God in his realm if the uniqueness of each individual human is not accepted? I think God is happy when a person finds their way to him. I don't think it matters what route we take to get there. I think God has a place for us all in his world of nature.

It is right and normal we should all be different. I guess this came as an extension to the religions I saw growing up and now as an adult in continuing to learn more about many different yet Holy ways of believing and doing things and expressing ourselves. It is all good if the intent is good. It makes me feel happy that humans are finding their way to God in whatever way is comfortable to them.

© bitterroot 2005

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