Music Glossary 101

This page is inspired by The Wallflowers' song "From The Bottom of My Heart"

1. The Raven:

a symbol of the path or the road.
an important resource in the synchronicity of events and destinations along the road.
Last year marked the loss of a baby raven at the time of the Medicine Wheel June 21, 2004.
This year is the experience of rebirth and renewal.
The Medicine Wheel will again be happening June 21, 2005. Everyone can join in spirit.

2. The Medicine Wheel

A process by which people can communicate with god/the universe/nature to ask that life energy be on a balanced, growth-oriented path.

The Medicine Wheel

What type of elements are involved in a Medicine Wheel?
The River Page

The Hearts of People And The Ways of NatureBecome One

3. The Room

An area of subconscious energy created over decades. A place where persons could experience music through intuition. A place where artists could offer experiences. Also known as "the mind-warp pavillion." Common features of this place have included ballrooms, train stations, ships lost at sea, or simply one's own room at home. Nobody was ever able to determine for sure if The Room actually existed, and games were played regarding the definition of reality. An example of someone entering "The Room" can be found in these lyrics from Leonard Cohen's song Love Itself.

4. The Birdcage

A contraption in the center of the pavillion holding the likeness of a woman. Click here for information about who was actually in the birdcage at the dancehall.

5. Fun At The Fair

One of many games offered in the pavillion. Participating in a game was optional. The results were some sort of learning experience, the point of which was only apparent when one actually understood things of a personal nature. The name "Fun At The Fair" is misleading in that most of these games turned out to not be fun but rather devastating emotional experiences, if one played with true grit. Again, that was optional. Read more about Fun At The Fair.

6. The Back Door

A virtual bar, also known as the Bak Dor, that was originally meant to be for entertainment purposes. However Bob managed to transform it into a venue for being disrespectful to others in public. Originally this may have been seen as a learning experience, but eventually the disrespectful attitude caused the Back Door itself to lose much of its integrity.

7. Who is in charge of all this?

This all has been a combined effort of many individuals in orchestration with god/the universe. Hopefully no one person will come out "in charge" of it. For more information on the concept of allowing nature to take its course, read Red Gondolas.

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