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This is a story about a white Pekin duck.

It didn't fly away for the winter like wild ducks
because Pekin ducks have man-manipulated
genetics to make them meatier and they are too heavy to fly.

Someone probably got this duck for easter or something and let it loose.

The wild ducks flew away,
but the white Pekin duck got frozen into the lake.

The fire department made a rope line and a guy bellied his way out on
the ice to the duck and they pulled it back to land out of the ice.

god created everything
and told man/woman to take care of the plants and animals.

this was written in the book of Genesis.

over the years man/woman developed tastier versions with each scientific breakthrough and took care of them by eating them for dinner.

the tastiness of a meal took precedence over
whether or not an animal could live a normal life.

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