EAST - Ay-ee

This is where all life begins. This is where Grandfather Sun begins his leisurely walk across the breast of Mother Earth's mate, Father Sky. This is where the trees point to the heavens and honesty is born. This is where wisdom and strength of the mind lives. This is where the stories of Indigenous people are spoken and come out of the dreamtime of the wise ones.

Elders sit in the east.

The East represents qualities that take us from our daily life into the sacred space of the creator:


Thla na da...welcome

The East entrance is often guarded by Nachise the Medicine Cat.


The East side of the garden starts with a circle of flowers.

As you walk on, the next circle you will see is the herb gardens.

Follow the herb gardens to the East Entrance.

This is the East entrance to the Medicine Wheel area.


Upon entering, Medicine Wheel is straight ahead.

Leaving through the East gate there is a little golden painted rock on top of the red one.

It was put here as a reminder that as we leave the sacred space of the Medicine Wheel and return to the world outside, be aware of the need for material things for survival, but be aware of the human trait for greed and power in materialism and the imbalance it can cause with spirit.

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