January 19, 2005

Alexandra's Leaving

In the fairytale side of rock and roll, there was a woman hanging in a birdcage, the center of attention in a dance hall. back at the beginning the energy was really happening and songs were evolving. this woman was strong in some ways, but very weak in others, and in the early 1970's her physical body passed away. Her spirit remained in the birdcage. For some reason god had put her there for all to see. Yet few people actually saw her, they saw a reflection from their own mind's eye of what they expected to see in a woman who was at the center of so much activity. for years her spirit hung there in the basket, bent over and ill. through the years some other women found her and linked to her in the subconscious world, and they were able to help heal this woman in whatever ways they could, and in return they received some knowledge of how to heal themselves. now time has passed, the "role" is over, and the spirit of the original woman who was in the birdcage can go home. she could only leave when she was able to walk away with no shred of anger or confusion from having been bound in that birdcage for so many years. We wish her a joyous future lifetime and appreciate what she was able to teach to those who reached her.

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