It was such a beautiful day.

I took some pictures as I wandered through the woods. I hope you had as lovely weather as we did.

yellow wood violets

these are primroses

these are tiny little lady slipper orchids. every year there are more of them in the woods.

today we found the first of the morel mushrooms. we picked enough for several meals and still more to go back for.

the daffodils are pretty this year.

this is a new garden bed for some sweet grass plants.

now i won't have to worry about where to find the braids anymore, i can just dry some from our own patch.

this is the first bon-fire of the season. it was a beautiful night. lightening was off in the distance lighting up the sky, the stars were out, and we had a neat sky light show.

this is the new moon of april. i hope you saw it too.

©bitterroot 2006


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