A Day in Alamosa, Colorado

Sometimes something really new, surprising, and different can happen in your life.

I spent the day touring Alamosa. About 15 miles outside of town there is an alligator farm. In Colorado? Sure enough. In the office there was a picture on the wall of some guy sitting on a big gator. The man in charge saw the look on my face and said......you could do that too.....

So an agreement was made, and three men went to the "big gator" pond, roped this big guy (they don't use the females because they are more mean and nasty), then it took the strength of all three men to haul this alligator onto the shore. They tied him up to a post....you can see the blue and white rope on him. He was flailing around, and two of the men sat on him for awhile to "calm him down." Then they said, ok, he's calmed down, now when you sit on him put your feet right behind his front legs and keep your hands at the back of his head, then slowly slip them down to the corners of his mouth. If he flips out, just stay in this position because if you try to jump off he can turn around and bite you. There were a bunch of tourists there trying to decide if I was brave or crazy.

Anyway, it all worked out, as this picture shows, and I appreciated that this big beautiful animal allowed me to sit on him for a moment. I figured his reward (a big bucket of fish) probably made it worth his while.

All pictures and text © Dawnstar 2003 except © to those wonderful artists who have allowed me to borrow their work.

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