The Lesson of the Alamo

Lumi and I accompanied each other to see the Alamo first hand.

In September 1998 TICA held their fantastic Annual Championship Show in San Antonio. That gave Lumi and me an opportunity to gain some insight into history as the showhall was only blocks from the historic Alamo.

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In reading about the Alamo and the famous battle there, I was never able to understand why so many various people came from far and wide to have a battle there. At that time territorial boundaries were something that had been created by both the Americans and the Spaniards. Soldiers would venture forth into an area of land, disregard the fact that Indians were living there, and claim the area for their country. For whatever reasons there was an impending battle over some land that had already been stolen anyway. The Chinese have a theory that land areas each have an intrinsic energy pattern to them, and I wondered if indeed the area of San Antonio held some monumental energy vortex to have caused many people, brave and bold warriors, to choose going to that place to engage in battle, rather than staying home with their families to appreciate the things they already had. I wanted to see for myself this energy vortex that had been so strong to have caused people to travel great distances to engage in battle. It was there that Davy Crockett lost his life. He could have just stayed home.

My first impression of San Antonio from the window of the airplane was one of amazement....the horizon was flat everywhere. No mountains, no hills, no shoreline....the flatness of the horizon seemed endless.

My second surprise was looking down upon the city from our nice hotel room on the 23rd floor, and there was the little tiny historic building of the Alamo on a tiny lot completely surrounded by suburbia, mostly shopping centers connected through walkways or by a human-made waterway called the riverwalk. One could float right in to a department store.

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I tried to not let my mind get caught up in issues of urban development and just focused on the upcoming cat show, the historic importance of the area, and a general feel for the energy.

And here is what we found: San Antonio felt happy. There was a strong, healthy, happy energy to the place. The cat show went great.

Lumi got a 3rd Allbreed win out of 110 kittens in her class.

The walk to the Alamo was nice and people there were appreciative of the information and the opportunity to see the historic site.

The most important thing of all happened at sunset. Lumi and i were sitting on the little porch of our room on the 23rd floor of the hotel, having just finished a wonderful dinner which included room service bringing a special plate of chopped chicken breast just for Lumi.

As the sun started to set a glow came over the entire area and a strong energy welled up spite of battles long ago, in spite of urban development, the beautiful energy of San Antonio is alive and well and we experienced the depth and breath of it that weekend. The area of the Alamo does, indeed, have a wonderful strong energy all its own.

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