Red Gondolas: the concept of allowing nature to take it's course

(The Guests)

It takes a bit of bravery to post personal insights into the music, showing a part of oneself that has shed layers....but isn't that ultimately what we all ought to be doing, shedding our outer layers to find what is intrinsically within for each of us.

Many people, when they look into song lyrics, try hard to keep the words in context of what the writer might have meant originally, so the analysis turns into some kind of intellectual framework for what the reviewer imagines the writer must have been like inside.

when one doesn't bother to do that, but rather lets the music touch them personally wherever they happen to be at, then looks at their own flow of insight, this is art inspiring art in a way that nurtures growth.

Leonard Cohen's music inspires in ways that nurture growth and change. with change viewpoints of any one song might become different over a period of time.

I will share insights of one song, the guests.

my concept of god/the universe is that they are one and the same. i had prayed for a long time that god/the universe would create a good joyous growth-oriented path for humanity to discover that would be integrated with nature. i imagined that leonard was doing something similar, in fact his lyrics often woke stuff up in me so that much of what were my reactions to leonard's music was woven into my life feelings. this was all intuitional stuff listening to the music, nothing that had to do with any reviews about it.

every song holds its own long time line. when i first heard the guests it seemed to me like leonard was writing about how it would be when people first started to discover this new place for humanity's growth, how it would be when the inner door flew open, then back to leonard had been waiting around for many years for this to happen, was walking around this old house, wishing god/the universe would reveal himself to humanity. the thing that was so neat about the song is that following the intuition of growth energy guided to a good outcome by god/the universe, which meant trusting in god/the universe, even tho leonard and a few other people may have worked diligently in creating this path for evolution, once there, it was completely up to god/the universe what was going to happen next. so the light hearted "no one knows where the night is going", what a monumental thing to be so light hearted about. even tho a few people had helped in the creation of this, no one of them was controlling the outcome, it was in the hands of god/the universe/nature/evolution.

the vision i am writing about happened one night...i felt like what had been waited for had changed in that it was actually starting to happen. i was listening to leonard on the guests and then i was in a big victorian house on a high cliff overlooking a river, tall trees around. the walls of the house were a dark wood with a rosy hue to it, i'm not much for victorian style, but the colors of some of the tapestry and art work were such deep red or deep green and a bit of gold that it was really beautiful. to have waited such a monumentally long time and then it was happening and leonard was so understated in saying one by one the guests arrive...even tho i could see inside the house i wasn't physically really was like god/the universe had a surprise that each person could get on a little tram car, like a ski lift, and go over this vast abyss with the river far below, and everyone knew it was good and would want to go, and the first person was getting ready, and leonard was singing no one knows where the night is going....what was remarkable about all this was in such a challenging rugged environment, high on this cliff, and the roaring river way way below, these little tram cars were very safe and floating along soundlessly like a safe little disneyland ride, and the gondolas were red. the guests had made their way to this old victorian house and then were getting on these tram cars by which god/the universe would take them safely and joyously to their new future in a splendid awakening with nature.

anyway, that was what that song meant to me. it would be interesting to hear how leonard's music has touched others on a personal intuitive level.

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