The Hearts of People And The Ways of Nature

Become One

white buffalo woman shows that life in harmony with nature is a work of art.......

communication is in the sky and the air and the winds.......

communication is in the natural elements.......

the earth is our home.......

the earth speaks through the elements.......

our teachers are all around us......

can you change the depth of your focus to find the spider near the flowers?

this is an underwater shot of the Kokanee Salmon returning to their spawning grounds on Granite Creek last fall

this is the above water view

a single butterfly is beautiful

a butterfly community is resting on a journey across thousands of miles for rebirth

ladybugs are having a convention

You are invited to join us in spirit on June 21, 2005. The ceremony will take place at sunset, and you can participate by holding a rock and envisioning where the life force comes from and the awakening of the human race to the natural world. Spend some time in preparation by clearing your heart and your mind.

This shows the east gate of the medicine wheel.

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