Bengal Cats Practice Zen Meditation and Martial Arts

Bengals bring interesting attributes to daily life. These photos were sent to me by pet owners. In preparation for a busy day, Zena practices some moments of zen meditation holding absolutely still and focusing on a bouquet of flowers.

An accomplished kickboxer, Kabam shows his martial arts techniques against two opponents larger than himself.

First the opponents square off to opposite sides of the room and Kabam distracts them by turning belly up.

Then he stares the big dog down to show that he is not afraid and grabs the big dog's head.

Then Kabam displays techniques against both opponents simultaneously.

Next Kabam tackles the little dog with some effective techniques.

Having overcome the smaller opponent, Kabam then recruits him as an ally in overcoming the larger opponent.

** disclaimer: don't try this at home.

After a busy day Java enjoys an energy balancing treatment from his purrsons who fortunately for him are practitioners.

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Bengals Practice Zen and Martial Arts

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