Fun At The Fair

Fun At The Fair

The words, intentions, and energy of the music became part of the life force itself for the growth oriented path available to the human race. Hopefully this path will lead to an awakening of humanity as people realize the sensitivity and beauty of relating to one another on the levels touched in the music, and also understand the consciousness in all of nature itself.

In the recent past it has seemed like everything was traveling down a predetermined negative road. Many women and nature created a Medicine Wheel as a means of changing the actual hub of reality to a joyous path where humanity and nature wake up to each other and integrate into one whole, healing our ecosystem and our spirits. The intention and energy in the music was a vehicle by which this change in the hub of reality was accomplished, enabling us to move forward toward the feeling of growth. We can feel the changes trickle in. Each person goes to the medicine wheel in their own heart and soul and finds a path to tomorrow. I hope to see you there in the future.

The Medicine Wheel

Did You Have An Opportunity To See Her?

The photo (above) was taken from inside a carousel the mind's eye of the fairgoers mirrors at odd angles rotate with the carousel creatures
to create Fun At The Fair.
She's gone now, gone on to do some other things.
She spent quite a long time in her room.

Who was actually in the birdcage at the dancehall?

It'll Shine When It Shines, 1974 (Larry Lee / Steve Cash)
slightly revised

ooh-hoo, jackie blue
lives her life from inside of a room
hides that smile when she's wearin' a frown
ooh jackie, you're not so down  

you like your life in a free-form style
you'll take an inch but you'd love a mile
there never seems to be quite enough
floating around to fill your lovin' cup  

ooh-hoo, jackie blue
what's a game, girl, if you never lose
ask a winner and you'll prob'bly find
ooh jackie, they've lost at sometime  

ooh-hoo, jackie blue
making wishes that may one day come true
going places where you've never been
ooh jackie, you're going again

ooh-hoo, jackie blue
lives her life from inside of a room
makes you think that her life is a drag
ooh jackie,
what weird times you've had