Many things are done with mirrors. Sometimes they are real mirrors, and sometimes they are peoples' reflections of themselves in their own heads. Here is an example of a few of the frogs in the frog shrine using a mirror to help enhance the frog energy.

We found one frog basking in a bikini.

Obviously this was a spiritual place, so we brought out our Chumash bull roarers, and first we asked that the earth be a wonderful home for everyone, and that everyone appreciate their wonderful home.

Then we asked that new paths would be opened and we hoped that people would better understand how to take care of their environment.

Nobody knows who left each frog there.......we smudged the entire frog shrine and ourselves with sage so that all things would be for good. We asked the universe to open hummingbird energy.

Here is a picture of our frog sending out good vibes.

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