The following excerpts are from a story that was presented to the Bowie site in 1998 and evolved by way of Fan Fiction. When the new Bowie site was launched, "Just Another Story" was submitted to the Bowie office workers for review.

Subsequently they cut it into many pieces and used a few excerpts to create song lyrics, but the intact story was in shreds. I can't remember what word describes that type of creativity.

just another story (excerpts.......)

Intro posted by A........... Sat Jan 10, 1998

Having woken up from a dream of eluding puppets who were all identified by numbers, David wondered if perhaps he had been sleeping too much.

Thinking that a walk might do him some good, and realizing that he was out of cigarettes, David decided to stroll down to the corner grocery store. He knew that lighting up a cigarette always gave him a brief feeling that perhaps his physical body was only an illusion, and he wondered (just for a moment) if he had indeed touched the core of physical reality or was simply fooling himself.

David waited for the light to change and proceeded to enter the crosswalk. As he crossed the street he realized that the woman standing near the grocery store looked oddly familiar, although he could not remember who she was. David walked faster, intending to get his cigarettes before anyone recognized him.

The woman was not paying any particular attention to him, but when he walked by her, their eyes met. It was Athena. He hadn't seen her in years, 24 to be exact. And even then he had never seen her in person. The two of them had met in some astral realm, for lack of a better term. Consciousness has its own layers, and years ago Athena and David had felt pretty smug about themselves for being able to put the better part of their attention into a layer that was above and beyond what most people experience as ordinary reality.

At first they had danced in the Ballrooms of Mars and everywhere else. They loved to dance and had a wonderful time. But they also had an idea about the "evolution of the world consciousness," and each of them, with story lines that were a little different but similar enough, thought that the time had come for the world to jump into a higher order of consciousness. The mistake Athena and David had made was in not realizing that this layer of consciousness should not be accessed without the full use and well being of the physical body and all the energy levels and interactions that create a well-balanced person.

So one minute Athena and David were standing at the forefront of the universe with the galactic wind blowing through their hair, the stars brightly shining, and oddly enough a horse galloping in front of them. They were ready to lead the world into a cosmic evolution.

Athena thought to herself, "Something is wrong here. If this evolution happens, all the people in the world who have not accessed these "higher realms" will have no conscious connection between their physical lives and a new realm of consciousness. It would be such a shock that it would be like a death to them." So Athena spent the next 24 years learning social skills, living her life, relating to people, accomplishing personal goals, and basically learning to be like everybody else.

David, too, spent the next 24 years along these same lines, although he stayed largely in the limelight. Talking about his experiences helped many many people to look at themselves and have the courage to follow their own paths in life. What a shock when their gazes meet outside of the grocery store. They were older but wiser and more appreciative of the wealth of life's experiences that are available. It was like old friends meeting again, with a look of surprise, as if it might have never happened............

Posted by: Patchwork Quilt Sat Jan 10

I shuffled into the kitchen, for a cup of coffee and a look at the morning paper. I read a story about orphans in Bosnia, with a picture depicting a four year old girl amid rubble, clinging to a tattered doll. This world can be impossibly cruel, I thought. The other world, the world of the writer, is much better.

"Minnie?" I said. "Would you like some coffee?"


I carried her a warm mug. "What are you writing now?"

"A story about a woman, Athena, who encounters David Bowie first in the heavens, and then, years later, at a corner store in New York.

"Oh. What does she say?"

My wife laughed. "Nothing at first......

Posted by: Tammy Sat Jan 10

Well. What on earth could they have to TALK about? I suppose.

Posted by: Athena Sat Jan 10

Is it really you?or is this all a dream? It seems real enough. So many years! So many changes. I could not live in your world, I know well what it is like.You could not live in mine. I don't even know if I should be here!

Posted by: Daughter of Sound Sat Jan 10

Let's find another way.

Posted by: * Sat Jan 17

"That's very nice, Athena, but I think you should sit down and do some serious meditation now," said David. "OK" giggled Athena. She sat perfectly in the lotus position and went crosseyed. Then she giggled again. She was being a real immature little pain in the ass.

But David was very patient and didn't get grumpy with her at all. "Maybe I haven't explained very clearly about layers and me being god of the forge. Didn't you understand me?"

"Not really. I'd quite like to understand. I want to know about everything you think and what you believe because I think there is very much I need to learn from you to be more enlightened. I think you were sent to me to help me on my journey. I know who I am but I want to know who you are. You're not just any old goddess' boyfriend. You're very special and important. But sometimes I don't know what it is you believe about yourself and why and I do think it would be good for me to know."

She was resting her head on his belly and when she stopped speaking he thought for a while and stroked her hair considering what might be the best thing for him to say so that she could understand more easily. He knew she wasn't stupid but they did look at things rather differently sometimes, though at other times strangely the same. He didn't want her to have headaches because he was unclear. Nor did he want to alarm her with hyperbole or imagery she didn't know about for she hadn't read as many books as he had. He watched her, checking her hair for split ends, and traced her eyebrows with his finger.

Posted by: Sarah Sat Jan 17

"David" said Athena. " Why are you checking my hair for split ends, you were just extremely critical of my not meditating and now you're checking out my hairstylist's expertise. How am I supposed to understand you when you're so fickle?"

well......this story driveled on and on for many months only in REALITY to end up on the cutting room floor ...........

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