Medicine Wheel
June 21, 2006

Each day we are reborn into the world's future. Each day I will make my steps purposeful in a direction that will heal the rift between nature and the ways of humanity. Today I remember the purpose of the medicine wheel to regain balance for nature, humanity, the earth, the universe and awaken each person's connection to the source of all things.

This is where all life begins. This is where the trees point to the heavens and honesty is born. This is where wisdom and strength of the mind lives. This is where the stories of indigenous people are spoken and come out of the dreamtime of the wise ones.

animals, plants and trees and their sharing/caring ways have given themselves to humans as food, shelter and clothing. The spirit soars on the breath of warm winds.

I will stand here for humankind. I carry the history, music and words of the everlasting great circle of life. In my sweatlodge I will pour life-giving, life-sustaining water onto the grandfathers and spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life will regenerate through the mist of endless time. Balanced emotions will be sought through the braiding and scent of the sweet grass.

Kindness - humans will remember the great mystery. Physical life will be sustained through the aroma and smoke of the great cedar trees. Wisdom of the ages will prevail, rebirth of new ways of being will emerge from the song of the white bear.

Today on my way to the medicine wheel i came across a lovely butterfly feeding on a honeysuckle vine.

There was blue sky, bright fluffy white clouds, and dark grey rain clouds. I felt it really didn’t matter. Either way it was a beautiful day. I felt the clouds were reminding me of the cycles of the inevitable in weather and in life.

There is a turtle that came visiting the pond for the summer solstice. You can see it on the log on the right side of this photo. 

What a good sign for the earth to have a turtle come.

Flowers in the garden.

A bee on the lupine.


The Medicine Wheel

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Medicine Wheel June 21, 2006