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River Page: The Hearts of People and The Ways of Nature Become One

The Medicine Wheel

East Gate

South Gate

West Gate

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Mom's Advice: March 2005

June 20, 2006: Tomrrow Is The Annual Celebration of the Medicine Wheel

April 29, 2006: It Was Such a Beautiful Day

June 21, 2006: Each Day We Are Reborn Into the World's Future

Four Elements Medicine Wheel Prayer

Cohen, Knopfler and Dylan: What It Is

Red Gondolas

Fun At The Fair

Just Another Story

Music Glossary 101


Cohen 2004 comments

The Suburban Nightmare

The Way of the Ab

The Lesson of the Alamo

Alamosa: I rode an Alligator named Goliath while Eve (my kitty) waited for me

Realizing Nature's Dignity: Housecats Have a Plan

Religious Spokesperson for Cats August 2009

Animals Are Souls

Weather Statistics and Your Cat

The Chief's Walk

Chumash Mosaic at West Beach in Santa Barbara

1983: Clyde Kennedy, Charles Belyea and Johnny Cat